Friday, June 15, 2012


After many attempts to fend off the squash bugs from the tomatoes, I've abandoned the effort to keep the accidental garden going.  But I did get several good meals from them, along with a new-found respect for tomato farmers.

Instead, I'm discovering new seasonal flowers in the back yard.  This is a tough time of the the year, with near-100-degree days and watering restrictions.

Nevertheless, this delicate lavender passion flower is blooming on my fence.  One must catch them in the early morning hours, for they are gone by mid-morning.

Such beauty, such delicacy, such grace.  And all free for the enjoying.

Hope you enjoy it too.

Purple Passion Flower on My Fence


By now I've been back in San Antonio almost as long as I was in Panamá.  And while I've maintained a simple lifestyle for the most part, small changes are creeping into my life.

Today I caught myself listening to NPR while getting a latte at the Starbucks drive-up window.