Tuesday, October 18, 2011


After much thought and planning, I'm leaving today with my three dogs to go back to the States for an extended visit. I expect this to be on the order of three to four months.

So these posts will morph for a while into how this Gringa will be dealing the with culture and sticker shock of being back in the States. Should be interesting.  I'll be in San Antonio, Texas - my home town and still my most favorite city in the world.

Those few of you who are my faithful readers know that I've been homesick for a while.  I think this is normal to some extent for any ex-pat.  My homesickness, however, was profound.  Need to get it out of my system.

If all goes well, I'll be back in Boquete in January - February, and will be able to go back to San Antonio - or wherever I want - once or twice a year.

The rain here is almost daily for several hours. So far today, and for most of last night, it is a gentle one - the famous Bajareque mist.  I don't mind the rain at all.  It is relaxing and makes the green beauty in the surrounding hills.

But the all-pervasive mold is something else again.  When I return I will crank up the dehumidifier and likely get one for every room.  This, I have found, is the secret of living here in the rainy season.

Wish me luck in flying the dogs out.  Hopefully American airlines will allow the two mini-wienies to go together in one kennel, as they did coming down. I'm armed with a print-out of the IATA regulations saying this is permissable. We have all the supposed necessary documentation to get back into the US:  current original rabies certificates showing vaccination within the past year, and a Certificate of Health signed by the veterinarian for each dog, which must be within the past ten days.  We went to the vet yesterday, the latest possible moment, just in case we can't fly out to Miami because of heat or flooding in Florida.

Today we're flying from David to Panama City for our 7:00 am flight tomorrow morning.  My man-on-the-ground in Panama City will take us to Tocumen and go into the airport with me to bribe the ticket agent if necessary.

Hey, this IS Central America, after all!

Funny, I am already missing Boquete even though I'm not gone yet!

See you soon,

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  1. Safe and sound in Panama City - leaving the hotel at 3:00 am for the airport in the morning. Alarm is set, dogs are relaxed, and all's well in the world...