Sunday, October 30, 2011


Well, I never thought I would say this, but I love Walmart.

We went to a relatively new Walmart in Alamo Heights, and it was wonderful.  (There will be another post on Alamo Heights, the urban enclave where my friend Sarah lives.) 

Perhaps this is still reverse culture shock, but their groceries were fabulous - fresh strawberries bursting with flavor, gourmet bread, tremendous variety.  One-stop shopping for everything you need.  I guess I'm still recoiling from not being able to walk into a store in Panam√° and find everything on the shopping list.

Yes, Walmart has oppressive practices such as driving Mom-and-Pop businesses out of small towns and discriminating against women in their employee practices.  But hey, this is the Land of Plenty, the Home of the Brave and the Free, the Culmination of Capitalism in All Its Glory.

So now I'm faced with a moral dilemma - shall I shop at Walmart and save money, or do I seek out those vendors with the most ethical corporate practices?  Or is "Ethical Corporate Practice" an oxymoron now?

On the other hand, my old retail friend Target still gives five percent of its income to community services and now has similar fresh groceries, so perhaps I'll remain loyal to my formerly favorite big box store.

Needs more research.  Oh, the complexities of capitalism.  It was so much simpler living in Panam√° where the choices are so few.

In the meantime, I have closed out my Bank of America accounts and transferred to a large local credit union in anticipation of November 5 Bank Transfer Day:

Guy Fawkes Mask
Symbol of the 99%

(Guy Fawkes led a rebellion against the British government on November 5,  1605.)

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