Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today I spent a lot of time out in the yard for some reason.  I was relaxed, taking note of the individual plants in my garden, and letting the dogs enjoy a bit of sun.

After being inside for an hour or so, we walked out the front door and were greeted by this sight:

A seething mass of shiny black caterpillars slowly moving across the lawn en masse toward the front door.

I had been in the middle of eating lunch - it was all I could do to keep my food down.  They are out there as I write this.  I'm valiantly trying to just let them be - let the birds eat them or let them develop into butterflies or whatever.

But if they make a charge for my door, I'm going to annihilate them.

I did a search on Google Images for "black caterpillar mass" and found this other blog from Panama:

If anyone knows what they are, please leave a comment.  I'd like them to develop and find their place in the sun and all that, but if they like my new heliconias they're outta here.


Update:  Yes, they moved closer to the front door.  Rather than killing them, I picked them up with the pooper scooper and hurled them over the fence into the woods.  Hopefully they won't come back.

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  1. Strike them down, and they will come back even more powerful! Like Obi-Wan Kenobi, except with many feet.