Saturday, July 9, 2011


Pam and Bob are fellow Texans living here in Boquete.  I met Pam totally by accident when we sat next to each other at a concert and I admired her shoes.  It turns out she and her husband live on one of my favorite properties.  It was thrilling to get an invitation to visit them and to see their extensive garden.

This garden is situated at a higher elevation than Boquete, in the region called El Salto, and gets more sun than many other locations here.  I have visited El Salto many times; the drive there through an alleé of huge  hundred-year-old pine trees is my favorite side trip, and the view of the nearby mountains is breathtaking.

I finally had the opportunity to visit them and their garden after their interlude in the States. Here is my take on these Texans' garden in Boquete.  While they have mostly regional plants, you will see a few touches of the Lone Star State:

Texas Bluebonnets - Lupinus texensis 
one of the FIVE (count 'em) official state flowers of Texas
More bluebonnets - can't get enough of 'em
Pink Bluebonnets - I'll grant you they are pretty,
but they don't hold a candle to Indian Paintbrushes in my book.
Their legend says they are pink from the blood shed at the
Battle of the Alamo in my home town, San Antonio.

Aloe mudenensis - Fairly common in gardens here
Another equally nice example of the Aloe mudenensis
at the peak of its bloom 

Banana bloom - possibly a 'Red Torch'

Plectranthus scutellaroidides -
Red coleus hybrid

These might be dahlias - help please!

One of many fuschia varieties - I'm a sucker for them too.

Two coleus varieties

Daylilly - a perennial favorite

We don't know what this is -
a vine with flowers that are red at first,
then become this fabulous purple

New Guinea Impatiens

Datura metel 'Cornucopeia'?- a lovely specimen.
Note that Datura flowers grow upright,
while the more common Brugmansia
(Angel's Trumpet) is pendant -
Thanks to Bonnie Williams for this distinction.
A different Datura metel,
equally lovely in its own way

Interesting Double Impatiens

Large, brooding, dark-leaved.
Colocasia esculenta 'Black Magic' Ealephant Ear Black Magic

Unusual Iris
Daylilly?  Amaryllis? Hippeastrum?  Help!

Another fuschia - my personal favorite kind.
In-your-face-gaudy and so, so beautiful

Passiflora coccinea - Red Passion Flower

We don't know what this one is -
interesting spotted foliage reminiscent of caladiums,
but with this anthurium-like bloom.
Any ideas?
Another view of our "Mystery Plant"
showing fabulous foliage

I should know what this is, but don't

Pam and I don't know if this is a thistle or what -
she is doing watchful waiting to make sure
it doesn't take over the garden.
Its mallow-like bloom is fetching.

Purple Buddleia/Buddleja (Butterfly Bush) and Orchidiae -
I've seen these orchids that grow on the top of tall stems
and even have some - have been told they are Bamboo Orchids.
One doesn't need to know what they are to know they are beautiful.

Blue Hydrangia - a huge specimen

Many thanks to my friends from Texas for sharing their garden with me.

Now I think I'll go whip up some Chicken Fried Steak (just kidding).


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