Friday, July 8, 2011


Today I had a photo shoot.
There will be another tomorrow,
Again on Sunday,
And more in the coming weeks.

All by invitation.

It feels so good.

A bird visits my kitchen window every day.
I put sunflower seeds and crumbs on the sill for it;
Hours later they are gone.
There will be more tomorrow.

This afternoon my landlord's brother came unannounced
To build a gate on his lane to the side of the yard.
He has property above us,
Higher on the mountain.

There was a playlist coming from the truck,
Familiar music long forgotten:
Tania Maria, Alanis Morissette,
And jazz.

It was wonderful.

The brother is also a photographer.
We talked about Tito Herrera
And the importance of art.
He will return tomorrow.

After he left I snipped fresh basil for my red sauce,
And write this as it simmers.

There is something so right about this place.

And you, my friend, how will you spend
The remainder of your precious days?

(With homage to Mary Oliver)

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