Sunday, July 10, 2011


Earlier this morning I had the pleasure of seeing my new friend Emily's garden for the first time.  This garden is a hidden jewel, tucked away from the public eye.  One would never know it was there.  I will treasure this secret garden.  Here are the first of what I hope will be many images taken through the year.

I'll add the botanical names later as I learn them.  Check at my table next Tuesday at the Gringo Market, and you just might see some of these as cards.

In the meantime, come take a walk with me through this beautiful space:

Dieffenbachia 'Tropic Marianne'

Rex begonia: an excellent example
 of the power of grouping
 a single plant type in a large space:
less is more

Thunbergia mysorensis

A pink ginger - possibly Alpinia 'Kimi'

A dreamy portrait of Aphelandra
with orange bouganvillea

Aphelandra spp.

'Flame Vine' - Prostegia venusta
One of my favorite plants

Holmskioldia sanguinea

Heliconia psittacorum - not sure which variety

A beautiful banana in flower,
possibly Musa uranoscopus ('Red Torch')

More of the pink ginger -
can't get enough of it!

Last of the pink ginger - for today, anyway

A magnificent dahlia in the rain -
must go back and get this one again when it's dry

Russelia equisetiformis
(Also known as R. juncea,
'Fountain-Plant', 'Horsetail Firecracker Plant' 

Dutch Iris in the rain,
still beautiful after being ravaged by bugs.
I'll get more of these later.

Thank you, Emily, for sharing your beautiful corner of Boquete.  I'm looking forward to capturing more of your garden vision as time goes on.


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