Thursday, June 2, 2011


In addition to the fabulous heliconias described in the last post, Carla Black also has several varieties of water lilies.  Some of them were imported to Panama by her and her husband.

I didn't want to give the water lilies short shrift next to the heliconias, so here they are in their own post:

And here's a random Bird of Paradise, left from Carla's previous incarnation as a grower of them until a bacterial infection decimated her stock:

Finally, a few parting shots showing you the overall situation of Carla's garden in the beautiful mountains of Chiriquí province:

Looking toward Volcan Baru
The view in the other direction
Detail of the previous image, with the heliconias having the last word-deservedly so.

May each of you find as much beauty, joy and pleasure in your lives as I found in this beautiful place.


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