Sunday, June 5, 2011


The lush rainy season continues to surprise me with new plant growth. Regular walkabouts are necessary to keep up with what's happening. Some plants can change drastically within twenty-four hours.

Here are surprises from some of the legacy plants in my garden. Much tropical foliage still looks the same to me; it's only by the flowers that I can tell the different plants apart.


I think this is a kind of ginger.  Bloom has just started.

And to think I was going to pull this one out
because it was boring!
It's not finished either.
Prickly purple buds of the plant below
Have no idea what this is.

Here's how it turned out -
looking a lot like the canna,
but with different colored foliage and
different flower structure.
A bit of research confirmed that it is indeed
a canna, possibly Canna 'Iridiflora Rubra'
or 'Auguste Ferrier'. 

There are quite a few specimens of these.
Another magnificent shell ginger at the front -
taken at night after an all-day rain yesterday.

Finally, here is a view of the side path that had been mostly bare when I moved in. The banana tree had been cut down to build the fence.  It's higher than the house now. Impatiens on the right were all transplanted from the woods growing wild. The new bromeliads are on the left. Note the heavy covering of Irish moss on the
rocks to the right of the walk, a testament to the amount of moisture.

May our days continue to be filled with the joy of such small surprises.


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