Monday, June 20, 2011


I pride myself about being a coffee snob. When I had a little coffee shop in East Texas - my only venture outside of science other than photography - I worked with a local roaster to develop a house blend that was exquisite. Customers raved about my coffee. One lady said my latte was the best she had ever had, and that included all the high-end coffee shops in Beverly Hills.

Indeed, my deep love of coffee was one of the reasons that brought me to Boquete, where the finest coffee in the world is grown.

So it was with more than a little humility that I discovered only day before yesterday that there are four - count them, FOUR - coffee plants growing in my yard here in Boquete! And three of the plants have fruit! I have followed them through their flowering, noting that the blooms resembled gardenias. I had admired their shiny, crenelated foliage. I was somewhat perplexed at the berries growing right against the branches, and had wondered what kind of a plant would grow that way.

And then it hit me after a visit to a friend's coffee finca:  I have my own coffee!

This is a cause for celebration.

I figure if everything turns out as it should, my crop may tip a quarter of a pound this year - that's wet weight of the cherries. I'll dry them in the sun by the traditional method and ask my finca friend to let me roast them in his roaster.

Café Dabney - the rarest coffee of them all!

We will be following the development of my "crop". Right now the cherries are about half an inch long and medium green.

For the record, here's what the plants look like now. I'm adding a label "Coffee" to this and subsequent posts on this topic, in the hope that this will allow you to search on the sporadic postings through the maturation, harvest, and tasting of Café Dabney.

This plant is just beyond the back porch.

Unripe cherries growing on the branches of
the plant shown above.
Another more luxuriant plant closer to the back fence.
If you look closely you can see the cherries on the branches.

God, I love this place!

[And God answered, "What's not to like?']


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