Thursday, June 2, 2011


By now you're probably beginning to think this is a gardening blog.  It's really not, but the lushness of the plant life here in Panama has grabbed my attention for some time.  Maybe I'll get over it, but I hope not.

This is a report of the visit by the Boquete Love to Garden Club to Carla Black's world-class heliconia gardens outside of Volcan.  I didn't even know what heliconias were before moving here, and now they are some of my favorites.  Carla has over 150 species and even more varieties, if I remember correctly.  Their blooms may last for months.  You may recall the progress of the bloom in the one in my front yard, which Carla tells me is Heliconia rostrata.

It has taken me a while to process the over 100 photos from her garden.  I was hoping to be able to identify every one from her extensive on-line catalog, but this has proven to be more time- and labor-intensive than I can tolerate.  So I hope that Carla will be willing to work with me to identify these.

There are many more species and varieties in her garden left to photograph because they were not in bloom on this particular day.  For those of you who live in Panama, Carla is having her annual sale on 2-3 July this year.  Check her website for plant list and directions to her garden.

Carla has generously invited me to sell my note cards at her sale (until it starts raining, which could be any time of the the day but most likely the afternoon).  And also at the next meeting of the International Heliconia Society, which will be in El Valle de Anton in July, 2012.

But that's all in the future.  For the present, just enjoy  My favorites are a bit larger than the others, but by tomorrow I may have new favorites.


Apologies for the bad picture of
such a beautiful specimen.

H. rostrata - the giant version of the one
I have, and the same as my friend Cora's,
which I blogged about a few days ago.

Big hairy monster -
"King Konia"

It's all a bit overwhelming, and we have just begun with the breadth and beauty of heliconias.


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