Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Tonight, as I eat a dinner that looks a lot like the new USDA nutritional guidelines, I'm reflecting on how much my life has changed in these five short months since moving to Panamá.

My breakfast was one of the amazing bananas from my yard.  The coffee for my morning cup was grown here in Boquete.  Nearly all the ingredients of my dinner came from within twenty miles of here as the crow flies:
  • Pesticide-free hydroponic lettuce from Boquete, bought at the local supermarket; I know who grows it.
  • Cucumber, bell pepper and sweet Chilean peppers bought directly from the farmer's stand in Cerra Punta.
  • Lean ground beef for stuffing the peppers, bought at the local market, may have come from my neighborhood.
  • Farmer's cheese for the top of the chile rellenos came from Chiriquí.  I think I know the exact farm it came from; I could have stopped and bought it at the source on the way to Volcán last week, but I was running short of time.
  • A cocktail consisting of aged Verela Carta Vieja Añelo rum mixed with the juice of a fresh lemon from my yard (green skin, orange flesh, tasting like a cross between a lime and an orange) and a bit of sugar to take the edge off.
Lunch yesterday was rice grown in Chiriquí and dried beans from somewhere in Panamá cooked with Gebhardt's Chili Powder from San Antonio (one of the few things brought on the plane).  Salad from the same ingredients used tonight.  Dessert was a fresh orange grown on the road to Volcán with fresh strawberries from Cerra Punta.  Soon the sweet oranges will be ripe in the tree in my yard, and there will be no need to buy them.

Still no visits to McDonald's.  I've lost all desire to go there.

This is life as it was meant to be lived, and I am so grateful for it.


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