Monday, June 20, 2011


It's interesting how this physical and mental move to a simpler lifestyle have affected me.  Material things I used to take for granted now seem all out of whack.

Take an electric mixer, for example.  I left my little hand-held electric mixer behind when I moved to Boquete with only two suitcases and three dogs.  Vowing to cut way back on baking unhealthy, high-fat, sugary things full of white processed flour, I haven't made having a mixer a high priority here.

But it's been bugging me - why should I suffer so much angst over a mixer?  Back in the USA I would not have hesitated to buy one, but here it has seemed somehow out of place.  At least for me.

Yesterday I spent an ENTIRE DAY shopping in David with a friend. This is the first time in my life I can recall shopping for a whole day.  It is SO out of character - even more so because I actually enjoyed it.

We both worked from our lists.  I needed practical stuff like a place to set up paper files for the burgeoning ephemera in my life.  Also dog food, toilet paper - things like that.

She needed kitchen things, so in every store we visited - and there were many - we went to the kitchen/small electrical appliances department.  And in every store there were electric mixers staring back at me from the shelves.  (Yes, I know that is semantically incorrect, giving human characteristics to inanimate objects.  Just bear with me for a little while here.)

So once again I went through all the reasons for and against buying a new electric mixer.

  • Easier on my chronically sore wrist made so from using the computer all day;
  • Makes it easier to fix a greater variety of foods;
  • Yada, yada, yada.
  • I don't need any encouragement to cook more and eat more;
  • I don't want to use electricity unnecessarily;
  • I don't want to clutter up my life with unnecessary things.
But there, in one store, a little gem beckoned to me, and I succumbed to the temptation:
My new acquisitions
Along with stainless steel mixing bowls (which were on my list), I am now the proud owner of a hand-cranked mixer.  Somehow it just seemed right.  It conjured up memories of making muffins at my mother's side when I was a little girl.  And don't you love the red?

Too bad about the plastic gear wheel that won't last.  I think I'll start looking for a better one that is all metal.

Who know what may be next - a push lawnmower?


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