Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This morning several of us from the garden club went to visit a private bromeliad garden above Boquete.  The American owner raises and hybridizes thousands of them.  Here are some glimpses of his greenhouses and specimen plants growing outside:

Huge sun-loving specimens greeted us on arrival.
We saw three greenhouses chock full of bromeliads and a few orchids:

Notice the row of bougainvilleas behind the back wall -
an added benefit.

Here's a close-up of a giant specimen in the greenhouse just above:

While the others were exploring the greenhouses I walked about the grounds with my camera and found these amazing specimens:

Here are just a few of the plants my friends bought:

And here are the ones I brought home to my little house.  Most of them will go in an empty shaded bed next to the side of the house:

At $17, this one was by far the most expensive.
The others were in the $5 - $8 range.

Here's a similar one just starting out.
I love the purple next to the green foliage.
Note the different patterns on the leaves between
these two.  
Thinking ahead to colors that will
complement the heliconias to be bought next month.

This little fellow doesn't fit in with the others in the side bed.  It may find a shady spot out back:

Finally, my very favorite one will have a special spot by the front door:

Wish me luck in growing them.  I'll give you a report in a few weeks on how they're doing.


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