Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today I came to the realization that I truly love living in Boquete. We are in the rainy season now, the six or more months of the year when one can count on rain in the afternoon and night. I have quickly become used to it, for it nurtures the luxuriant growth here and provides a new cadence for the days.

We will see if I still love the rain six months from now.

Great joys come from small things. This is one of the life lessons I've learned since coming to Panama. This week a road grader appeared on our little mountain road. I've written about this road, about how rough it is with its rocks and boulders. Last week the potholes in the paved part of the lower road, which had been marked with orange spray paint about a month ago, were finally filled. The filling is not heavy-duty, and I expect it to give way before long. But for the time being all of us who use this road are enjoying being pot hole-free, even if we have a few more bumps in the road instead.

Now the grader is working on the upper road. Gravel trucks have mysteriously appeared and disappeared without unloading. But the grader is still there, and I am harboring hopes that it will make it up as far as my little house.

A friend who lives farther up the road and who usually takes the shortcut into town on the side of the mountain told me this week that our road now has a name: Avenida San Anselmo.

Avenida San Anselmo!

It sounds so romantic. And it is. Who knows - we may even have house numbers someday. But for the time being, I would prefer to think of the houses by their names.

I need to find a name for my house. Even though I'm renting it, it is home for now and for the indefinite future. I've thought about calling it "Casa de las Flores" (House of the Flowers) because the burglar bars on the windows are in the shape of flowers.

But there is already another "Casa de las Flores" in Boquete. I don't know if duplicate names are allowed, but to be on the safe side I'd better not use that name.

So I've decided to call it "Casa de Felicidad"  (House of Happiness). Because that's what it is.

This afternoon the shower was brief, and afterward we were enveloped in a fog. It quickly lifted, and I decided it must have been a cloud instead. Now, as I write this, another rain shower is coming. And I am grateful for it, and for the life here in Boquete.


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