Monday, April 25, 2011


Other than cows getting loose in my friend's neighborhood yesterday, which was the most exciting thing that happened, there have been two items of note:

1.  We had a 4.5-magnitude earthquake last night, which I felt in great detail and immediately reported.  At first I thought it was Li'l Bit scratching herself on the bed, but soon realized she wouldn't be shaking the bookcase.  It lasted for about ten seconds.  This was my first perceived earthquake in Panama, although there have been several more since January which I haven't felt.

2.  The rainy season has definitely started.  Here is a mid-afternoon downpour that just ended.  Next time I'll use a slower shutter speed so you can see the intensity of the rain better.  This is what we call a "gulley-washer" in Texas:

The lime tree out back is getting a good soaking.

Front yard left - rain bouncing off the Jimny
(sorry - couldn't get the picture to be on the left)

Front yard center
There's the heliconia I discussed yesterday at lower left.
Front yard panorama right:  puddles

I am told this will be an almost daily occurrence.  Last year it rained most of the day for several weeks.  A more typical pattern is beautiful clear mornings with an afternoon or evening shower.  Think Great Britain.

Now the rain has subsided, birds are singing, and there is just a faint rumble of thunder in the distance.  Time to enjoy the rest of the day.


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