Friday, March 18, 2011


Today my favorite grocery store - El Mandarin - had a large display of Chinese toilet paper.  At $.39 a roll, it was one of the least expensive. Of course I had to buy some out of curiosity. Note that the label says it is made from all wood pulp:

Chinese Toilet Paper from El Mandarin -
Is There a Chinese Connection?
This immediately created a moral dilemma:  should I support the large-scale destruction of forests in China, which is rapidly destroying its environment for the sake of "economic progress"? Or should I use a more expensive product made from recycled paper?

I decided to make this decision after checking out the quality of the Chinese product...

Turn out it is very well made, and very soft, unlike the other Panamanian products.

Darn.  Maybe I could plant a tree for each case I use?

Please don't let this be the butt of any jokes.


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