Friday, March 25, 2011


A fire at the Miami International Airport has caused cancellation of many flights over the past few days, including mine that was scheduled for today.  After a thirty-minute wait to talk with an American Airlines reservation agent, the best I can do is get to Philadelphia on Sunday.  [Update:  The second flight was also cancelled today - Saturday.  After spending some time totally freaking out, I insisted that the American Airlines agent book me on Continental through Houston, which he did.  Travelers make note of this - you don't have to fly the same airline when your flight is cancelled.]

This created a two-day block of time to pass in Panama City. 

One should not be upset about such things. Fortunately I am still at the hotel.

So I'm using this new-found time to:
  • Explore the neighborhood;
  • Rest;
  • Write;
  • Work on digital photographs;
  • Get caught up on e-mails;
  • Cultivate a calm mind (which I really needed after the second cancellation)
There is a flock of about ten green parrots in the trees outside my hotel window.  This is the first time I have seen wild parrots. If I had left this morning, I would not have seen them.  Now I have the time to watch their silhouettes in the setting sun.

And they have filled my heart with joy.

Two Green Parrots Outside My Window

Two More Parrots - Members of a Flock of Ten or So

Parrot Close-Up.
Thanks for posing, little guy.

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