Saturday, March 12, 2011


My friend Cora Kent has many cooking classes and dinners at her beautiful house: She has an infectious cheerful spirit, and has given me memorable meals and enabled me to make many new friends among her fellow guests. Her husband David is another kind soul, and graciously helps with the dinners and many other things. The grounds of their house are some of the loveliest I've ever seen - including a quaint Spanish chapel filled with religious art, a large Koi pond with a waterfall, huge pine trees under-planted with clumps of amaryllis, and many other interesting features.

I wanted to give a present to Cora, so I've made these pictures of some of the many plants in her garden.  I call this series "Cora's Garden".  When I see her next week I will give her a set of note cards with these images.

Shh - don't tell!  Cora hasn't seen them yet!

To Cora Kent, with grateful thanks for all she has done for me and for our community:


Amaryllis, One of Many Under the Pines

A. Hippeastrum (Amaryllis)






For Cora, with thanks in my heart for doing what you do, and for being what you are.



  1. Really brings back nice memories of the 2 times we've been to Panama and spent time with Dave and Cora. They are wonderful people!

    Thank-you for posting the photos!


    Jonathan Kraft

  2. I too have been to Cora's Garden. What a beautiful relaxing place! Your pictures are gorgeous and I know Cora will love the note cards too.
    Cora is someone special...she's my life-long friend and she's my sister!
    Betty, hope to meet you some day-perhaps at Cora's...Nancy