Monday, March 7, 2011


Some of my new friends here are true gourmets, and they uniformly agree that the best place to get fried chicken in Boquete is at KCO Milquiburger (pronounced "Milky-Burger").

Milquiburger is next door to a general store in Las Naranjas, a "suburb" of Boquete. They don't open until 5:00 pm. You can tell when they're open because they have taken down the board that covers the front, and also from the crowd of people gathered outside.

Milquiburger - Before 5:00 p.m.

Today was the first time it was convenient to stop by and give it a try. I had to gingerly make my way past a row of Panamanian men sitting on barstools in the front, munching on fried wings.

It was somewhat embarrassing having to order "Dos Pachugas" (Two Breasts) in front of them.

But I'm home now, happily munching away on the Milquiburger chicken. Am not sure if it's the best here -  Nelvis Restaurante, my usual place for local food, has some darn good chicken too:

Restaurante Nelvis - Open Only for Lunch
Was probably someone's house once.

Either way, the price is right - two breasts and two wings at Milqui cost $3.20.  At Nelvis the whole chicken lunch - with one breast, rice, beans or lentils and salad - is $2.75.

Life is vida es buena en Boquete.


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  1. You can't beat Milquiburger's chicken, it rivals KFC and it's right here in Boquete. I'd love to see a photo of all those local guys enjoying your order. Keep up the good work!