Friday, February 25, 2011


The Boquete Jazz Festival is in full swing, and I am one of the fortunate few to be an "official" photographer of the event, and well as one of the organizers. Here are some pictures from this morning's jazz clinic with the Carlos Ubarte Jazz Band from Panama.

I had no idea that jazz was popular here, nor that the Panamanian musicians are of such high quality.  Carlos is as good as anyone I've ever heard. The clinic was especially interesting because Carlos and his musicians explained what they were doing and also talked a lot about jazz. But the neatest thing, in my opinion, was the opportunity for amateur musicians to jam with the "big guns".

It was a wonderful event, and if you are in Boquete please come to the Festival. Saturday night's concert by the Pat Belliveau Jazz Quartet from Canada is sold out, but there is another free clinic Saturday morning at the Boquete Community Players Community Center, and a free concert in the park Sunday afternoon. I'm shooting both of those events, so stop by and say hi.

Here are a few of my pictures from today. This was the first time I had officially covered a public event. Shooting is especially challenging because the photographer cannot set up the shots or completely control the composition. The close-ups were due to a long lens and a privileged position in the wings of the stage behind the curtain.

You can see some my fellow photographers' work at the official website, New material is added each day. Hope you like them - more later.

The hands of Ibrahim Oscar Merel,
the talented Ubarte keyboardist

Amateur saxophonist
jammin' with the band

Left: Carlos Ubarte, my new favorite
musician, playing with the amateur -
a thrill of a lifetime

And now for the "arty" stuff:

Amateur drummer with the Ubarte Band -
I hope I can find him tomorrow
to give him this picture.

Portrait of Adam

Update:  I did see the young guitarist the next day, and gave a color print to him and his parents.  They seemed very appreciative.


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  1. Carlos Ubarte is an amazing talent! We in Boquete were lucky to hear him and to share his passion for music. Your photos caught his power! Thanks, Betty!