Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Here are just some of the plants in my garden.  These are in my front yard - the next entry will be the back yard. If any of you know the names of the Unknowns, please let me know.

Areca Palm and Huge Croton
in Front of House

Polka Dot Plants Growing Wild Underfoot

Bouganvilla - A Favorite
Have both pink and red.

Ferns Everywhere

Mother-in-Law's Tongue

Red Banana - Transplanted from the Fence Project
We'll see if it makes it.

Walking Iris - Small and Delicate
(Thanks to Kate Blom of Baltimore's Rawlings
Conservatory for identifying it.)

Yucca.  They eat the roots here.

NEWS FLASH:  The torch ginger is in my garden!  I'm in heaven!  This one is red, so there has to be another pink one somewhere:

My Very Own Torch Ginger!

Torch Ginger with car to give
perspective on how tall it is - at least two stories

Another Torch Ginger (left)
Variegated Lariope (center)
And Red Unknown (right)
Little Yellow Ground Flower - Life Size
(Grows wild in the cloud forest)
Variegated Spathyphyllum??
Philodendron giganteum?
Looks Like Ageratum - But Grows Tall

Red Variegated Dracena Marginata
and Gold Dust Plant
Red Hibiscus - Rarely open, not sure why
Another Specimen of the Red Unknown

Interesting Green Unknown -
A Calathea Perhaps??
Variegated Dracena Marginata
Orange Angel's Trumpet - Grows Wild Here
Beautiful but deadly with scopalamine (hallucinogen
used by shamans)

That's about it for the front yard.  Tomorrow we'll tour the back and side yards.


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