Monday, January 10, 2011


Yesterday I moved into "my" house.  It is wonderful - larger than I expected.  And the yard is glorious, with hundreds of plants both native and cultivated.  I have done a photographic inventory and will post it soon.

In the meantime, look at this fabulous pink torch ginger that the owner had left for me on the breakfast bar. He had no way of knowing that torch ginger is my absolute favorite flower.  And this is the most magnificent specimen I've ever seen.  This, I thought, is a very positive sign that I belong in this place:

Pink Torch Ginger Greeting My Arrival
(This is the actual one.)

The house is on an unpaved, very bumpy road.  I was already having fun driving the rented Suzuki Jimny a little fast over the bumps:

Not my picture, but this is pretty much how it looks here.

Today we needed to get groceries.  I was told there is a shortcut to town, by continuing up the hill past the  house and turning left.  I packed the dogs into the car and decided to try it.  We took what looked like a left turn going downhill after crossing the crest of the hill.  The road was very steep and rocky, but looked like it was headed to town.  Instead, it turned out to be a dead end down by the river with a circle for making a U-turn.  

I headed back up the hill, only to find that the underpowered Subaru Jimny wouldn't make it.  I stopped and put it into 4-wheel drive, then gunned the motor.  The car slid backward, with a rear wheel on the edge of a precipice.


I managed to go forward a couple of feet and over-corrected the steering, only to slip back with the other rear wheel in a ditch.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

Holy Jesus, Son of the Living God, if you help me get out of this pinch, I promise not to be so adventurous and be a good girl and take roads only after being sure of where they go.

I gently backed down the hill while straightening up, then gunned the motor for all it was worth.

By some stroke of good fortune the gods were smiling on us, and we managed to make it back up the hill to the "main" road.

I took the long way into town, and drove very slowly.


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