Thursday, January 13, 2011


My landlord is having a chain-link fence built to secure the yard for the dogs and to keep the chickens out. I am impressed at the speed that Ivan (the main fence guy) is working.  He has spent two full days hand-digging a deep trench for the fence.  Never accuse the Panamanians of not working hard.

Here are some of my frequent visitors:

A Few of My Neighbors
My human neighbors are an extended Panamanian family in two houses.  I hold them in high esteem because they love their chickens and don't kill them.

Meanwhile, the dogs are settling in nicely:

Molly and Chauncey Doing Their Thing
Li'l Bit o' Sugar (Now officialy called Azucarita)
and Chauncey
Note that Chauncey is the common denominator.

And I have set up a Branch Office:

My Branch Office - Hours by Appointment

So far I've signed up for Spanish lessons, a Panamanian cooking class and an Underground Dinner (where you don't know the location, chef or menu beforehand).  One of my friends has invited me to be her guest at the monthly Boquete Chicas birthday party.

Not bad.


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