Thursday, January 13, 2011


Tonight I went to a cooking class hosted by my friend Cora Kent, who does Boquete Gourmet.  She often presents different kinds of food-oriented events.  This one was in her beautiful demonstration kitchen and was taught by Chef Juan Linares:  It was focused on using locally grown ingredients.

I arrived a few minutes late.  They had already started the preparation of ceviche, a lime-marinated raw fish appetizer common in Latin cooking.  I took the last available chair next to a woman about my same age.

"Hi, I'm Nancy," she said.

I felt a jolt of recognition:  "Are you Nancy HALBERT?" I asked.

Her eyes got wide and she said, "Why yes, how did you know?"

"Because I'm Betty Dabney."

Nancy and I had been communicating through the extensive Boquete social network groups for about a month.  I knew that she and her husband would be visiting Boquete to check it out, just as I had done last January.  We shared a laugh.

What a small world, that these two internet friends met at a cooking class!  If I hadn't sat next to her, we probably would not have made the connection.

Here are some pictures from the class.  As you can see, a good time was had by all.  I'm not in any of them because I was behind the camera!

Menu and Tree Tomato Fruit,
the Basis for the Boquete Cosmopolitan Cocktail

A Participant Cutting Fish for Ceviche
(Tree Tomatoes in Foreground)

Chef Juan and Cora Kent, the Boquete Gourmet

Rounds Salad:  Potatoes, Carrots and Plantains
(Fresh Tomato Dressing Added to Each Plate)

Chopping Sweet Peppers for the Rice
and Fish Main Course

Chef Juan Breaking a Fresh Coconut

Everyone got into the act and had a great time.

Time to Enjoy the Fruits of Our Labors

Juan Linares:  Chef Extraordinaire

If you are ever in Boquete, I highly recommend that you take one of the Boquete Gourmet's cooking classes.  I can't wait for the Underground Dinner on January 29. That's where we don't know the chef, the menu, or the location beforehand.

You can check out Cora's blog,, for more information and articles on her exciting classes.


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