Monday, January 10, 2011


I’m sitting on the rostra (back porch), drinking the first cup of coffee made in “my” house.  It is about 8 a.m. and the temperature is somewhere in the 60s:  crisp but not chilly.  Birds are singing everywhere in unknown songs.  I think I just heard a hummingbird. The air is suffused with a subtle scent of orange.

The little house is lovelier than I had imagined.  The back yard is built up on a terrace made by a weathered stone wall with rocks rounded from tumbling down the river.  Here is a panorama:

Panorama of Back Yard Stone Terrace

Two roosters constantly call and answer each other.  Yes, that was a hummingbird – I just saw it.

The property has hundreds of plants, some wild and some planted. I will do a photographic inventory when the sun gets a little higher.  But for now I'll just savor the moment.

It is very peaceful here - a wonderful place to begin a new life.


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