Saturday, December 18, 2010


Grades are in, commencement is tomorrow, last faculty meeting is Wednesday, which is also my last day at work.

Am seriously going through my "stuff".  An estate auctioneer is coming by early next week, who I hope will take all the big pieces and significant art out of the house for safekeeping and sale.

Some things are difficult to part with, like my Ramon Froman painting, "Portrait of Karon Martinez".  I can't take it with me to Panama because oil painting are considered hazardous substances!  (Note to self:  Get that law changed.)

Also, does anyone want a pre-World War II Noritake "Janice" set of china, service for eight?  It was my mother's.  I've used it probably less than ten times.  Now is the time to let go of it, and many other things.

Buddha said that the cause of all suffering is attachment to material things.  This may be true, but some things are more strongly attached than others.

Portrait of Karon (sic) Martinez - Ramon Froman
Mother's China:  Too good to throw away, too much to keep


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