Friday, July 30, 2010


The older I get, the less tolerance I have for sloppy language, especially the kind that my students use in their term papers that are rife with run-on sentences, misspelings and all kinds of other useless verbiage that serves no purpose other than padding the length of the paper and making me frustrated to the point where I feel the need to write about it in this otherwise lovely blog.

It seems to be common practice now to use noun adjectives.

Its practically universal usage now, even in respected print media, to get it's possessive and contraction reversed for the pronoun "it".  This is unforgivable.

I keep telling my students to never use split infinitives, but they keep doing it.

Considering all the dangling participles used these days, style manuals may make them legal.

The best papers are written in the active voice.

Some people, in their efforts, use too many commas, in spite of the fact that this practice, when overused, often adds nothing to the meaning of a sentence.

Others on the other hand are reluctant to use commas in writing and this practice often makes it more difficult for the reader to determine what goes with what.

Above all, avoid the use of obtuse, effete, unfathomable language, ascertain the audience for your composition, employ the least abtuse terminology denuded of hubris, false terminology and unnecessarily repeated words, to convey complex and abstract ideas; moreover, one should construct sentences, paragraphs and words in such a way as to make them intelligible by the average populace, i.e. a person with a sixth-grade education.

It pains me to see the English language become a slangathaurus. 

It's AFU, dude.


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