Friday, July 30, 2010


Being a photographer has taught me some important lessons:
  • Sometimes it's best to be a perfectionist, and sometimes it's best to let go.
  • Sometimes joy is in finding the unexpected.
  • Sometimes a weakness can become a strength.
  • Often a simple detail is better than a complicated whole.
  • Often the process is more meaningful than the final result.
  • Often the artist's vision is more real than reality itself.
  • Always the result is worth the effort.
  • Always the creative process increases my understanding of reality.
  • Always photography makes me a better person.
Here is one of my first "serious" images of a volunteer sunflower in my back yard in Texas.  At first I was upset that the image was out of focus.  Then I realized by making it more out of focus, I could create an impressionistic image that was much more interesting than the real flower.  

This is still one of my favorites, because it illustrates all the principles above.  Hope you like it too:

Bryan, Texas:  Big Sunflower

May you find something to fulfill your life as photography has in mine.

- bjd

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