Friday, May 28, 2010


Memorial Day has a deeper meaning to me every year. Each passing year marks another revolution/revelation of being mired in a seemingly interminable and unwinnable war.  (The spell checker says that unwinnable is not a word.  Maybe it should be.)

Fact checking on the Department of Defense's web site reveals that the number of American soldiers who have died in combat in all this country's wars is approximately twice the number of people in Baltimore City.  And that doesn't count people who were wounded, non-combat deaths or those fighting on the other side.

That's a lot of tombstones.

Google Maps
Arlington National Cemetery and Its Neighbor the Pentagon

Did you know that the Pentagon is right next door to Arlington National Cemetery?  I hope the people in the Pentagon who sign the papers to send people to war have a view of the Cemetery from their office. Perhaps that would make them think twice before they snuff out so many lives with the stroke of a pen.

On this and every Memorial Day, may we never confuse those who were called to make the ultimate sacrifice with the system that demanded it.


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