Friday, April 2, 2010


Today is Good Friday, which used to be a much more important holiday than it is now.  I remember when everyone had Good Friday off and when most people went to church.  Nowadays our secular society takes little notice of it. 

I've always had trouble understanding why the day commemorating Jesus' death is called Good Friday.  Bad Friday or Sad Friday seems more appropriate.  But then, there are a lot of things I don't understand about religion in general and Christianity in particular.  Systems based on faith don't have to be logical.

At least today was warm and sunny here, and those of us who were not in church and not working indoors had a chance to savor the glories of a spring just before its peak.  The cherry and pear blossoms are out, leaves are emerging, and everyone is so glad that this winter is finally over.

Today is a good time to remind ourselves that without a winter there would be no spring.  Jesus or no, the  lightness of spring always follows the darkness of winter, just as day follows night.  The earth is reborn in a profusion of growth, of life unfolding, of something from nothing .  It is no coincidence that Easter is in the spring.

My wish for this Easter is that we may all emerge from the darkness of doubt, fear and anxiety, into the light of assurance. The assurance that comes from spring or Christ or whatever moves you to act on your beliefs.  An assurance that we each have the power and responsibility to fulfill the potential of our lives as agents for positive change, for the earth and for all humanity.

May it be so, today and always.

The Appearance of Reality:
Light Trails


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