Thursday, April 15, 2010


April 15.  Already half of April has slipped by, almost imperceptibly.  Spring has finally kept its hold on our days.  Brisk nights and clear days have caused a profusion of growth, and now the buds are finally bursting with unfurling leaves.  Daffodils are gone, tulips are just past their peak.  Life languidly waits for the next round of flowers to grab our attention.  It would be a lovely time to drift down a slow river in a punt with nothing more than an occasional push of the pole to keep the marsh grass and cat tails at bay.

In the meantime, we celebrate the turning of the tide, and hope that there will be a few more days of this delight before the heat sets in.

Here is another image in the series, "The Appearance of Reality".  It is the early leaves in the tree out front, captured in the diffraction of the afternoon light by the old glass in the window. It reminds me of an antique Oriental print.

The Appearance of Reality:
Oriental Print17_Green

May we continue to relish the beauty of these days, for they will be gone all too soon.


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