Thursday, March 4, 2010


This has been a rather strange week:  earthquakes, student protests, interminable war.  Much negativity.  There is a sense of unease about the earth and its people. 

I for one am feeling more and more uncertain about the future, not just for myself but for all of us.  We seem to be sliding into a collective spiritual detritus.

And it does not feel good.

I can feel the energy being sucked out of our very nature, and uncertainty seeping in to fill the void.

Surely there must be some remedy for our collective pain.

It has been said that all problems are of a spiritual nature and therefore have a spiritual solution.  One can certainly look at things that way. 

I for one believe we create our own heaven or hell right here in this life and carry it with us wherever we go.  But sometimes the burden becomes too heavy for us to bear it alone, even when we know we need to change direction.

So we must lift each other up, creating a certain spiritual strength in numbers, and turn our eyes as one toward some positive collective goal.  For the spirit goes where the eyes of the soul are focused.

Just imagine what the world would be if we were all focused on love, understanding, and compassion.  On healing the sick, enriching the poor, on feeding the hungry.  On respecting the earth and our fragile environment.  On living gently and sustainably for the sake of our neighbors and our grandchildren.  On erasing fear in the hearts of innocent children who are robbed of their childhood by violence, pestilence and death.

We have the means.  If we only had the will.

Then the earth would truly move under our feet.

The Appearance of Reality:
Heaven and Earth


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