Monday, March 15, 2010


Today I saw the first daffodils of spring.  True, they are in a protected spot, but they are undeniably in bloom.  The hellebore a few houses down is also in full magnificence.

There is still a sense of Englishness in the air.  Temperatures are hovering in the low 50's, with a penetrating chill.   A pervading dampness remains from our last big rain over the weekend, which, had it been snow, would have been another major accumulation.  As it was, it provided a boost for the germinating lushness that will soon arrive.

This is Spring Break week.  I will have a chance to savor these small changes, and to be grateful for them.

I have faith that this will be a wondrous spring.  All the conditions are right, barring any late hard freezes.

Faith is the progenitor of hope.  And hope of change:  hope of a new life for me, for our country, and for the world.

Ah, spring!

First Daffodils
(These are miniature daffs,
only a few inches high, but no less lovely.
The rather weathered blade of lariope is for comparison.)


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