Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It's about 5:00 pm on Tuesday, February 9, and the snow has just begun to fall again.  This is supposed to be the one-two knockout punch for the Mid-Atlantic region, resulting in what may be an all-time record accumulation.  Even though I know this episode may cause hardship in the form of lost wages and possible food and gasoline shortages, the falling snow still has a quiet beauty. 

At the moment there is no wind - that is supposed to come tomorrow.  So for the time being I'm watching large flakes come straight down.  They are beginning to stick on the ground as twilight takes over. Soon we won't be able to see them.  So we will go to sleep tonight not knowing how bad the situation will be in the morning when we get up.

It's fortuitous that I have been keeping this blog already.  It may become a record of a historic event - the most snow ever - and I can point to it with my grandchildren - if the present form of the internet has not fallen by the historical wayside by then.

Here is an image that was originally the view of our fire escape through a frosted bathroom window.  I enhanced it in Photoshop® to make it look more ethereal. Our house is the only one on the block that still has an old-fashioned iron fire escape.  It's quite an engineering marvel, with a counterweighted movable ladder that gently swings down to ground level when someone is descending it.  This design was intended to keep burglars from climbing up and entering an upstairs window.

Now it is mainly a monument to history, as tonight's snow may turn out to be.

The Appearance of Reality:
Ascending Dreamscape

Here's hoping everyone is safe and warm tonight,

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