Monday, January 11, 2010


Today is 01-11-10.  A symmetrical binary kind of day.

The wind has been howling and the rain pouring down all day.  It's now 3:00 pm.  This storm actually began yesterday, as mentioned in yesterday's posting.

Here is what the weather looks like:

Notice those "GALE" labels.  They are actually on either side of Costa Rica, but I assure you there has been a gale here for the past 24 hours. And that stationary front is causing a training effect on the showers, with new ones coming in as soon as the others move on.  (All those years of watching The Weather Channel are now paying off.)

And here is the rain picture:

The red circle shows the rain cell over Boquete.  But look at all that other weather to the west!  Typically the equatorial air currents bring that weather from the west over here.

I have had to put on a turtle neck and sweater, and it is summertime here!


I am concerned because it has already been raining longer than it did last November when the flood came.  Am trying to find out if there are any reports of flooding so far.  This area floods easily because many streams and rivers converge here, and their rocky beds and banks are not conducible for absorbing any overflow.

(Note to self:  Build your house on a hill when you move here.)


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