Tuesday, January 12, 2010


After the gringos' talk today, I had the pleasure of being invited to Olga's house for lunch.

Olgo is a Panamanian native who lived in the States for many years.  I met her through my hosts, who are best friends with her.

Olga gave us some homemade soup, fresh-baked bread and wine.  It was wonderful.  We lingered quite a while after the meal and exchanged stories of how we found out about Boquete.  She gave me much useful information about the nuts and bolts of moving here.  But mainly we talked about emotions, in typical Panamanian fashion:  about how you have to want something in your heart and have faith that it will work out - and then work hard to make it happen.

The lunch and conversation lasted at least two hours.  I wasn't timing it because neither of us was in a hurry to go anywhere or do anything.  Ahh, the bliss of vacation.

On my way out, Olga mentioned that she wanted someone to take pictures of her garden for making into cards.  Of course, I have done that and as luck would have it, had my camera.

So here are the images of Olga's garden.

Every once in a while I take a picture which is so good that I have trouble believing that I actually took it.  Today I was blessed with not one but two such images.  I have saved them for the end.  By the magic of PhotoShop, Olga's fountain was transformed into a painting.  I think Olga's Garden series tells a lot about what it is like here.  Her fountain has become a symbol of Boquete and Panamá for me.

Olga's Garden #1
(This is one of the two images of the fountain
that I transformed into "paintings" below.)

Olga's Garden #4

Olga's Garden #14

Olga's Garden #7

Olga's Garden #8

Olga's Garden #11

And now, for the "magical" images:

Olga's Garden #10

Olga's Garden #13

A most magical end to a most magical day.


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