Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today I wanted to pretend that I was living here, so I didn't plan any excursions.  Instead, I did some planning for the new iteration of my job that would allow me to work on-line and live here (or anywhere).

I also hoped to get a better picture of the bluebird on the other side of the kitchen window.  After jerryrigging a stand for my camera with its long lens, I discovered that the remote control doesn't work after a long period of inactivity.  This is not good for taking pictures of birds.

So instead I kept the camera at the ready on my work table, which is near the kitchen window.  When I heard the bird chirping I slowly moved closer and was able to get quite a few good pictures, including this one:

Ah ha!  It was TWO birds, not one!  Upon closer inspection, I did see some subtle differences between them:

The top one has a smaller head, more elongated body and a pale blue beak.  The second one has a larger head and a darker beak, along with somewhat brighter blue plumage.  I'm guess that the first one is female and the second a male.  The "female" has quite a little potbelly.  Could it be from eggs waiting to be laid?

I hope they are a mating pair, because the world needs more beautiful blue birds.

(These were confirmed to be Blue-Gray Tanangers.)

After a lovely and lively dinner with my host family and one of their local Panamanian friends, the day drew to a peaceful close.  And now I have made the acquaintance of one more friend as well as two beautiful birds.


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