Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Wednesday.  My last full day in Boquete.  Already.

This morning it was still windy and raining.  By mid-morning the sky had begun to clear, but the wind was still overpowering.

After meeting yet another new friend for coffee downtown, I decided to see the fair.  This would be just about my last chance to see it.

There were hardly any other people there who had braved the elements.  This was ideal for taking photos, but the wind was buffeting everything.  It was amazing that the flowers, which we think of as so fragile, had survived three days of wind and rain.

I did get some nice pictures, but all the coffee exhibits were closed.  And I purchased two bolsos (carrying bags) as souvenirs of the trip - one for me and one for a gift:

Here are the pictures from the Feria.  These are all from a distance.  Close-ups are in the next posting.


Feria #1:  Welcome

Feria #2:  Kid's Sandals at the Mercado

Feria #3

Feria #8
Celosia (Cockscomb)

Feria #9

Feria #14

Feria #15

Feria #7


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